`Ulupalakua Ranch is located on the southwestern slopes of the Haleakala volcano on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The ranch runs 2,300 brood cows of Brangus and Angus breeding. Most of the calves are marketed locally on Maui, and the majority of those calves are sold to Maui Cattle Company, LLC. which Ulupalakua Ranch owns and operates in conjunction with six other Hawaii ranches. The calves are born in winter, spring and summer breeding programs to coincide with the different ecosystems on the ranch. All of the calves that are marketed locally are grown out on Maui and custom fed in a local feedlot. The majority of the remaining calves are shipped to the 2,800 acre White Deer Ranch in Crook County, Oregon, owned by Ulupalakua Ranch. Those calves are grown out with other purchased stockers and then custom fed in the Northwest before being sold to a packing operation.