Is volunteering a day at Auwahi right for you?

Considering the remote location and physical nature of the work trip (hiking at high elevation, using tools, traversing through irregular rocky terrain with no defined trails) please take into account any medical conditions that would affect you and the group having a safe trip. If you feel you are able to come please advise us ASAP of any medical conditions you may have (i.e. asthma, allergies, heart conditions, diabetes, and existing injuries). Please be honest and respectful to yourself, your restoration colleagues, and the Auwahi project. Your safety is really one of our primary concerns.


How do you best prepare for the trip?

If you haven’t been to Auwahi before it’s important to remember that visiting this area is a privilege granted by the landowner ‘Ulupalakua Ranch, a critical partner in protection of Auwahi forest.  As such, out of respect for Auwahi forest, which is far removed from many outside influences, we consider it a mutual responsibility to make sure all of your gear (boots, socks, gloves, packs, jackets, the inside of pants legs, your best friend, etc.) is clean and free of hitchhiking seeds. Also, at this point in its restoration, Auwahi is perhaps especially vulnerable to invasive species whose impacts can be profound and long lasting. 

Please prepare for the high elevation site, its remote location, quickly changing weather (hot, sweltering to monsoonal and cold), and demanding physical work. Please bring a waterproof jacket, a warm layer, a sun hat, a warm hat, lunch, a couple of bottles of water, sun screen etc. If you have a smartphone or camera, we invite you to bring it it along and participate in our monthly Photoblitz contest

What happens the day of the trip? 

Please arrive to the Ranch store parking lot at 8:00 AM and park your car on the grass below the store. 

Click here for directions

We will have a half hour of boot cleaning, signing forms (click here if you would like to fill them out ahead of time), and bathroom runs before heading mauka.

From the ranch parking lot, it takes approximately 45 minutes of off road bumpy 4WD driving up hill to reach the Auwahi exclosures at 4,000 ft elevation. If you are prone to car sickness please advise your driver.

Once we reach the site there will be an important briefing on the day’s work, it’s significance, planting tips, and safety protocol.