Volunteer Trip-July 23, 2016

`ūlei, ihe pahe`e, and our next volunteer trip

July 23, 2016

“The `ūlei was a tree whose wood was highly valued for its toughness, and of it were made thick, heavy darts, ihe pahe`e- for skating over the ground in a game of that name.”

Hawaiian Antiquities, Mo`olelo Hawaii (1898), David Malo

“What are those long things hanging up there on the side of the house?” The retainers replied: “They are pahe`e spears.” Lonoikamakahiki again asked them: “What are they used for?” The retainers then told him: “When two men wish to wager certain articles of value, they would proceed to the pahe`e grounds and upon arriving at the place they would decide first as to the wager, whether it be articles of value or pieces of land. If they do not wager these things, then they would put up other things, such as their bones, meaning their lives. After the bets are agreed on, they would then proceed to play the game of pahe`e. … Sometimes the articles of value would be so great that it would take three and four houses to hold them all.”

Hawaiian Antiquities and Folk-Lore (1917), A. Fornander

On Saturday July 23, we are returning to plant more trees to protect the home of the `ūlei (Osteomeles anthyllidifolia) and many other plant species resident to the southern slopes of Haleakalā.

To volunteer with us that day, we have a few requirements (besides bringing your pahe`e darts and cherished items for betting)...

Above-the-ankle hiking boots are required. We have extra boots for borrowing (let us know ahead of time) but please bring your own socks. Please clean all your gear, backpacks and boots to leave hitchhiking seeds behind. We are now sanitizing all hiking boots, tools, and gear with a 70% alcohol solution prior to heading to Auwahi forest as a preventive measure to protect the forest from foreign pathogens. Plan to pack layered clothing, rain gear, at least two liters of water, lunch, sunscreen, and a hat.

Where: `Ulupalakua Ranch Store (contact us if you need directions)

When: Saturday, July 23, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Please request a seat at latest by Friday July 15 by sending us an email at volunteer@auwahiforest.org. Unfortunately, we are not able to honor all requests to participate as we have limited seats in our 4WD vehicles.

mahalo loa for your support of Auwahi forest,

Auwahi Forest Restoration Project